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Explore Nicaragua Travel Tips and Information

1. Memorize the Managua airport code (the code is MGA).

When you arrive at the ticket counter at the airport to fly to Nicaragua, please watch carefully to be sure that your suitcase is tagged properly, with the code MGA, when it is checked in by the ticket agent.  MGA is the code for the Managua International Airport.

2. Nicaragua Time Zone information for Nicaragua Travel

Nicaragua is currently on Central Standard Time year round. This is the same as Chicago standard time during winter months. In summer Nicaragua has stopped observing Daylight Savings Time. Nicaragua's time zone is GMT-6 (six hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time.)

Prior to the year 2007, Nicaragua occasionally observed Daylight Savings Time from April through October. Nicaragua Daylight Savings Time as then named after the current ruler or political party in office. For example. Daylight Savings Time in the summer of the year 2006 was named Bolanos Time, named for the then-President of Nicaragua, Enrique Bolanos.

3. Nicaragua requires passports which are valid for up to six months after the date of your entry into Nicaragua.  

If your pasport expires within the next 6 months, you must get a new passport before travel to Nicaragua.  If your passport is not valid for an additional 6 months, you will not be allowed to enter Nicaragua.

Passport condition: Your passport must be in good condition, not torn, tattered, ragged, water-damaged, or missing any page.  If your pasport is not in good condition, please get a new passport so that you will be allowed into the country, and travel in Nicaragua.

4. Visas are NOT required for travel to Nicaragua.

EXCEPT for citizens of the following countries" Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Armenia, Bosnia, Cameroon, Columbia, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti, India, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Dominican Republic, China, North Korea, Romania, Sierra Leon, Syria, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Somalia, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Yemen.

5. A tourist card for $5 must be purchased when you enter Nicaragua.

When you arrive at the immigration counter after departing your plane, this $5 tourist card will be sold to you at the immigration counter to allow you to enter and travel in Nicaragua.  Please keep this card inside your passport.

6.  On departure from Managua international airport,  a $32 Nicaragua airport departure tax is charged, which may or may not be included in the price of your ticket.

Before travel to Nicaragua, please check with your airline to see if this $32 (thirty two $U.S. dollars) departure tax is included in the cost of your ticket.  If not, it is payable by cash or Visa credit card on departure from the airport.

Please note: If you are departing Nicaragua by bus or car, then the departure tax is reduced to $5 (five $U.S. dollars).

7. Check with your airline about the size and weight limitations for checked suitcases on your airline for your Nicaragua trip.

Most U.S. Airlines allow checked suitcases of up to 50 pounds in weight, and 62 linear inches (length+width+depth) in size.  If you are traveling to Nicaraua on a non-U.S. airline, please check with the airline regarding suitcase weight and size limitations.

8. Carry on airline regulations for your Nicaragua vacation

Most U.S. airlines allow carry-ons of up to 22" length, with a maximum of 45 linear inches (length+width+depth) in size, and a 40 pounds weight. However, some international airlines only allow carry-ons with 18" maximum length, and up to 18 pounds weight. Please check with your airline.

nacaraguan girl9. You don't need an international driver's license or permit to drive in Nicaragua.

You can use your driver's license from your home country for the first 30 days of your stay, while you travel in Nicaragua. If you decide to stay more than 30 days, and continue your Nicaragua vacation, you must apply at the Nicaragua driver's facility to extend your permission to drive.

10. Put colorful duct tape and ribbons on your suitcase.

This wil help you identify your suitcase quickly at the baggage claim in Nicaragua, because all black suitcases tend to look alike at baggage claim.  

11. Know the new Transportation Security Administration rules.

Before you travel to Nicaragua, please read the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines for carry-on luggage restrictions, as of January 15, 2007. 

  • You can take liquids, creams, gels, deodorants, shampoos, toohpaste, perfumes, and sprays that are contained in bottles of 3 ounces or less. All of the bottles must fit in one 1-quart sized, clear, plastic, zip-lock type bag. Each passenger may place one of these 1 quart sized bags in the screening bin

  • Consolidate all your bottles into one 1-quart bag and separate it from your carry-on suitcase when you pass through the security x-ray.

  • If your bottles to not fit in one 1 quart size see-through plastic zip-lock type bag, pack your liquids in a plastic bag inside checked luggage.

  • Declare larger liquids. You can take prescription medications, baby formula and milk in quantities exceeding three ounces, outside of the zip-top bag, if you declare these items for inspection at the airport security checkpoint.

  • Come to the security checkpoint early and be patient. Heavy travel volumes and the enhanced security process may mean longer lines at security checkpoints.

The above rules can by applied very strictly by the security agents. For example, a 4 oz. container, which is half full with only 2 ounces of liquid, may not be accepted. Everything must fit inside one quart-size plastic bag.

If you have more liquids, creams, or aerosols, please put them inside a plastic bag in your checked suicase.

Please note: For the latest information on what you're allowed to carry-on the airline, you can check the transportation security administration website at

12. In addition to clothing, what more should you pack for your trip to Nicaragua?

Sunblock, Insect repellent for visit to Mombacho, Binoculars, Flashlight, Camera with extra camera battery and film or SD cards, Prescription medicines, extra pair of glasses or contact lenses, battery powered alarm clock, and two photocopies of the photo and information page of your passport.

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